How I did this: “In The Round Images”

I am expanding the scope of the Photo Impressionism Project to include a discussion concerning photo impressionistic techniques. The project is called “The Lab” and am opening it up to all photo impressionists who are interested in sharing “how I did this”. The idea is to create a discussion; what works and what you might say… not so much.

interested?  Drop me a line at

Till then you might enjoy my blog post explaining how I create in the round images.

What I Have Learned: “In The Round Images” – Stephen D’Agostino Photography.


4 thoughts on “How I did this: “In The Round Images””

    1. Really nicely done. Congrats on that.

      Did you notice that by changing the number of photos you stack the resulting image can change dramatically. Personally I tend to like using more than less. But in a recent series on trees in fall colour I found a more painterly effect in the 10 image range. Take a look at for examples.

      By the way carousels are a classic subject for this technique. Check out

  1. Thanks a lot Stephen. Your pics and PEP’s are just wonderful.

    Yes I saw the number of images is important. I may think it’s quite interesting to shoot a lot and select only the one that gives the good final picture.

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