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A short read and some great in the round images: Painting-like photograph by Lynne Blount from Saffron Walden | Saffron Walden Reporter

Saffron Walden photographer Lynne Blount said she was ‘shocked’ after hundreds of residents expressed appreciation for one of her pictures.

— Read on www.saffronwaldenreporter.co.uk/news/painting-photograph-by-lynne-blount-from-saffron-walden-7074320

How I did this: “In The Round Images”

I am expanding the scope of the Photo Impressionism Project to include a discussion concerning photo impressionistic techniques. The project is called “The Lab” and am opening it up to all photo impressionists who are interested in sharing “how I did this”. The idea is to create a discussion; what works and what you might say… not so much.

interested?  Drop me a line at https://photoimpressionism.ca/contact/

Till then you might enjoy my blog post explaining how I create in the round images.

What I Have Learned: “In The Round Images” – Stephen D’Agostino Photography.

Daylighted – Blog – Impressionistic Photography

Using long exposure, multiple exposure, digital stitching and photo stacking, photographers are going beyond the limits of photo-realistic, representative work. Photographers are demonstrating their imagination, inspiration, and interpretation in their efforts to move from realism to emotion and expression. Like the original impressionists painters, these photographers are incorporating movement as the fundamental and essential feature of the experience of the art. This art seems to transcend the literal and become the stuff of dreams, movement and imagination.

via Daylighted – Blog – Discover, enjoy and purchase fine art photography – About us.

Peace on earth and good will to all…

peace on earth and good will to all
peace on earth and good will to all

Its a busy time of year and easy to forget to pause and reflect on what is good and what matters – best wishes to all and thanks for your support of my photography projects photoimpressionism.ca/ and dagostino.ca/

The image is the Christmas Tree at Toronto City Hall shot in the round meaning about 40 images were captured all around the tree then merged together. The image is part of a series posted on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/photo-impressionism/

It’s All In The Detail

A Photo Impressionistic Treatment of Sunflowers In The Round: Detail 2 by Stephen D'Agostino.
Sunflowers In The Round: Detail 2 by Stephen D’Agostino. This picture was featured on Flickr’s Explore Page on October 7, 2013.

Some thoughts on creative cropping of an “in the round image” from my personal photography blog http://wp.me/p2Cu15-5D

Why I shoot in the round and why photo impressionism? | Stephen D’Agostino Photography Blog

Apple Blossoms In The Round - 3

Some thoughts from my personal photography blog on why shoot photo impressionistic images.

Why I shoot in the round and why photo impressionism? | Stephen D’Agostino Photography Blog.