Photo Impressionistic Multiple Exposure Image- In Front of the Mona Lisa - Stephen D'Agostino

about the photo impressionism project

Photo Impressionism is not a new genre. In fact it dominated photography in the late 19th century under the banner Pictorialism.  Its influence waned in the 1930’s with the success of the straight photography movement.

The digital revolution however has democratized photography. Creative expression is no longer confined to darkroom wizards. Digital cameras allow for endless experimentation. Smartphones put a camera in more hands. In place of darkrooms, digital photography tools allow everyone to easily manipulate images. The result is a renewed interest in images which are aesthetic and impressionistic.

The Pictorialists had their salons. The photo impressionists have the Internet. This blog is a place to explore the genre “photo impressionism.”

Stephen D’Agostino – August 2013

Stephen D’Agostino is a photographer with a passion for Photo Impressionism. His work can be seen at, and on Flickr at


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